About Us

Dorinda & Chris Naas, owners of Conceal Carry Purses have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In the early 1990’s they started a successful trucking company and quickly made an impact in the home delivery business. Partnering with many retailers they were ahead of the game with their focus on residential deliveries and they developed an early web presence. Chris & Dorinda come from “can do” families; with a philosophy they learned from their fathers. Dorinda’s father was a successful businessman who opened a string of gas stations in the west Denver area after his service in the Air Force, and Chris’ dad ran a successful trucking company for many years after his service in the Navy.

While the business was a priority for Chris and Dorinda their true sense of duty and joy came from raising their two children. Now that their children have grown, Dorinda spends much of her time working as the enrollment director of a Christian HIgh School and Chris maintains his successful trucking company; both Chris and Dorinda enjoy volunteering their time with the homeless and less fortunate at their church.

Chris & Dorinda believe it’s important for women to feel empowered to defend themselves, thoroughly believing that for a woman to carry is the “great equalizer” when it comes to her ability to be able to defend herself from imminent danger. They have formed Conceal Carry Purses, Inc., a conceal carry business that sells only the highest of quality products.