Leather Care

Leather is the tanned skin of an animal. Dirty leather becomes stiff and hard because its pores are clogged with dirt and grime. Conceal Carry Purses recommends Saddler’s products to clean your leather purses and accessories. Saddler’s TLC first removes the dirt and grime from the pores, then replaces the natural oils. Most leather cleaners only do half of the process. They remove dirt but leave the leather dry.  Saddler’s TLC does both parts of the cleaning process in one step, frequent use of Saddler’s TLC will keep you leather clean, soft, supple and resistant to water and stains. 

Saddler’s PreservativeTo protect and restore your leather products use Saddle’s Preservative. It will give your new leather added protection against stains and weather. For used leather, Saddle’s Preservative restores the look and feel of neglected leather. It gives your leather added protection and helps eliminate scratches and blemishes.

We designed our Conceal Carry leather bags with durability, functionality, and beauty in mind. Our craftsmanship and materials are of the highest quality. With proper care, your Conceal Carry Purse will last for decades of use.